When it comes to the world of interior design, colour plays a vital role. It can create moods, define spaces, and dramatically influence the aesthetics of a room. Choosing the right paint colour for your home, therefore, is a critical decision that requires a blend of creativity, knowledge, and an understanding of your space. For over 65 years, Quicksons, a Bristol-based painting and decorating company, has been helping homeowners make this important choice, delivering personalized service and top-quality results on time and with minimum disruption.


Quicksons’ Expertise: Over Half a Century of Painting and Decorating Excellence

With a legacy that stretches back 65 years, Quicksons has amassed a wealth of experience in both domestic and commercial projects within the South West Region, including Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, and Portishead. Our specialised tradesmen are committed to working closely with clients to provide services tailored to their unique needs, ensuring complete satisfaction at every stage of the project.


Tips and Techniques for Choosing the Right Paint Colour

Choosing the perfect paint colour for your home can be overwhelming given the plethora of options available. Here are some tips that can guide your decision:

  1. Understand Sheens: The sheen of the paint can drastically affect how colours appear. Higher sheens are glossy and reflect more light, making the colour seem brighter, while lower sheens create a more muted, sophisticated look.
  2. Consider the Room’s Mood: The paint colour you choose should reflect the mood you want to create in the room. For example, cool colours like blues and greens can create a calming atmosphere, while warmer colours like reds and yellows can energize a space.
  3. Pay Attention to the Natural Light the Room Gets: Natural light can dramatically alter how a paint colour appears. Rooms with abundant natural light can handle darker colours, while rooms with less natural light may benefit from lighter, brighter colours.


Common Mistakes When Choosing a Paint Colour

Choosing the right paint colour can be fraught with potential pitfalls. Here are some common mistakes homeowners often make:

  1. Ignoring the environment around the home: The exterior environment should be a consideration when choosing interior colours. For instance, if your home is surrounded by lots of greenery, earth tones can create a harmonious connection with the outdoors.
  2. Forgetting to match the paint colour style with the home design: The paint colour should complement the architectural style of your home. A modern home might not suit traditional, dark colours and vice versa.
  3. Skimping on paint quality: It’s tempting to save money by opting for cheaper paints, but this can be a false economy. Higher-quality paints offer better coverage, more vibrant colours, and greater longevity.


How Quicksons Can Help

At Quicksons, we specialize in painting, decorating, and wallpapering services for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the South West Region. We understand that choosing the right colour can be a daunting task, which is why we walk you through the process, offering professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

With our vast industry knowledge and a keen eye for detail, we can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that the end result aligns with your vision. Whether you want to create a peaceful sanctuary in your bedroom or a lively, engaging space in your living room, Quicksons is your trusted partner in transforming your home.


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If you’re planning to refresh your interiors and need expert guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01179 591 959 or fax us at 01179 508304. Alternatively, send us an email at info@quicksons.co.uk. Let us bring your vision to life with the right paint colour for your home.